This game was created on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 over the course of a weekend.
You know, just to see if it was possible.

The Minos Box was first recorded in 79 AD by Glaucia. He recounts the obsidian surface being beyond the craftsmanship of any human civilization current or extinguished. Despite some poets dedicating prose to the fascinating object, the box passed into obscurity.

It's unclear when the sealed container began to be called 'The Minos Box.' The earliest use of the term was in 840 AD in The Republic of Venice. A flyer was discovered that invited the curious to gaze upon antiquities, and one of the chief draws was 'The Minos Box,' a tightly sealed sarcophagus that was reportedly retrieved from the darker portions of the Egyptian empire by means of the Roman Empire. It's unclear if this claim is rooted in any actual history.

The Minos Box did vanish for a time after the Seminal Tragedy. It was in 1957 that the box was discovered once more, but it wouldn't be identified for nearly another thirty years. The Minos Box was found in an old cache of treasures said to have been arranged by and for Mussolini.

Over the past few decades, the artifact has been passed from one academic to another. The true origins, contents or lock of the box has yet to be uncovered. Perhaps if the lock can be solved it will yield great knowledge.

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