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Current iteration is the submitted version of the project for a class final project.

Room 720 is a python based custom creation. It uses an ASKY environment and simple typed controls in the vein of a text-based adventure. Controls do not require any keyword guessing. Simply putting in W, A, D, or S, will move the player character through the environment. Moving into objects will have the player interact with the object. Choice menus use value input (IE: 1 - 9) while using I will access the inventory and Q will access the watch.

This is a Role-Adopting experience as opposed to a Role-Playing experience. The player is given a specific outlook and way of thinking that is indicative of the character they are being asked to take the roll of as opposed to defining their character and personality.  Instead of personalizing a character through emergent gameplay the player is asked to consider how their character perceives the world and how they react and feel.

Install instructions

Save the project file, do not use any browser 'open when finished' function. Once project is finished downloading go to location where you had the file saved. Double clicking the project should launch a CMD window and run the project.


Room720.py 141 kB

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