This project is a continuation from my game developed during the 2020 Game Jam.
Download Version runs more smoothly than Browser Version.

Goal: Reactivate the 3 special power boxes to open the exit path.

You are a small caretaker AI that reboots after an undetermined amount of time. Your programming is simple: clean & repair. You have three special tools; your grabber, your cleaner, and your cutter. Your cleaner is good for the black piles of filth while your cutter is great for getting rid of the brown rust. Your grabber capabilities are somewhat limited, you are a simple routine bot afterall. So now you set forth to record the extent of damage and make the limited repairs you're capable of and clean up as much as possible.

W: Move Foward
S: Move Backward
A: Rotate Left
D: Rotate Right
E: Change Tool
Spacebar: Use Tool
ESC: Close Application

Grabber: Press to grab light unconstrained items, press again to drop item.
Clean: Hold to use air pressure to get rid of piles of filth.
Cut: Hold to use augmented melder to cut away and get rid of excess

Install instructions

  1. Download Project
  2. Extract to Desired Folder
  3. Click into Master Folder
  4. Double Click on GGM2020Repair Application
  5. Mess with Unity Settings
  6. Launch


R3st0r3 - Post Gamejam - Inital Bug 15 MB

Development log

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