Creator Note: Download Version Tends to Run More Smoothly than Web Version. If able, try downloadable executable before running in browser.

You are a small little maintainer AI that reboots to find his environment an absolute mess. Piles of dirt, rusted over parts, and blown fuses make up your assigned area. Now it's time to clean up using the few tools at your disposal. Use your pressure cleaner to remove piles of dirt. Use your cutter to remove piles of rust, and don't forget your all important grabber for loose parts. Some of the machinery is still welded firmly in place, so until you get contact with more heavily equipped bots you'll have to leave that stuff alone. Move and clean what you can to assess the extent of damage and ascertain how functional local systems are.

W: Move Forward
S: Move Backward
A: Rotate Left
D: Rotate Right
Space: Use Tool
E: Change Tool


R3st0re - Global Game Jam 2020 - Repair - By William A 15 MB

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