Please beware that this project is incomplete and still in an alpha state. Gameplay, Art, Music, Graphics, and such are not wholly representative of the final or intended product.

You are an AI programmed to keep the new Fusion Core efficient and stable. Energy particles that make it to the core will be absorbed and increase the energy efficiency of the reactor; however, if the core becomes too efficient it may risk overloading and destroying all the connected electronics. As the AI you may connect particles together to neutralize them to keep the core from overloading. Three particles are all it takes. Be cautious though, each connection causes the core to destabilize and too far and the reactor may go nuclear.

Any particles that match the core color are more potent, being absorbed into the core will add more energy. Connecting these particles in a chain is dangerous, they do not destabilize as efficiently.  Additionally chains destabilize less when there are any matching colors. To maximize destabilization when necessary aim to chain three differently colored particles together, none of which should match the core color.


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