Which will give out first -your sanity or your luck? In the broad expanse of space, there's no end to the unseen threats. As captain though you must steer the vessel in an effort to find some measure of safety. To do so, you will have to utilize the ship's gravity cannon -a simple and versatile tool. Beware though, too much time in the expanse may wear heavily on one's lucidity.

Dive into the sliver of an uncanny verse, explore the non-euclidean expanse, and expose yourself to eldritch forces. The longer spent among the unmappable galaxies the stranger things become. 

Cosmic Gravity Features:
-A story that unfolds the longer the game is played.
-Lovecraft inspired elements.
-A simple mechanic inspired by old arcade games perfect for mobile.
-Compelling and systematically increasing difficulting and evolving challenges.
-Procedurally generated world.
-A bleak yet colorful universe.

Install instructions

1. Download the appropriate zip for your desktop OS.
2. Unzip the folder.
3. Open the Folder
4. Find the Application type file labeled "nw"
5.Double-click to launch.


win64.zip 77 MB
linux32.zip 86 MB
linux64.zip 82 MB
osx64.zip 90 MB
win32.zip 73 MB
Cosmic Gravity.3321682.21.ipa 21 MB

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